We all know how hard something can be when you first start. Especially if you’ve never traveled down this path before. So it is easy to get frustrated, discouraged, and turn back. It is also just as easy to re-frame your view a bit and see this new challenge as an exciting step away from the old you and a step towards the new you. Your success in achieving your ideal weight and body shape is based on this perception.

First ask yourself, how bad do I want this?

Then tell yourself what you’re willing to give in order to have this. Then, move behind the thought. Thoughts are creative forces, the more you train your mind to see the process as progress, the more progress you’ll make and the closer you will come to the ideal you. Share you’re experiences with us and do not be scared to reach out for a hand when you need one, this is why we are here. For you.

S. Edmontson – Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Specialist