If you’re a man and you clicked on this page, click here now. You will want your girlfriend or your wife to have this!

Maybe you’ve heard of it before, maybe not. The Venus Index/Venus Factor for women is the Ultra-Premiere Golden Goose Egg for women, when it comes to dieting and fat loss. This is a communal platform which takes women by the hand in every imaginable way.

You will be nutritionally educated daily, in the comfort of your home, and hand guided through the correct form of exercises that are for women specifically. The exercises that you will be performing, you will need no gym membership for.


The before and after pictures are UNBELIEVABLE! They are not even accessible for use by anyone outside of the community. There is complete anonymity as these women bear no resemblance to their former selves. Click here to see what 5 Key Vegetables can do for you.

I actually have the pleasure of having gotten this myself, as I am a Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Specialist, and I just knew that my female clientele were not getting the results that the male clientele were. I was about to be educated in my fallacy tremendously.

You see, the way that a woman’s body is formed, and the purpose for which it was formed, is entirely different from the physical anatomy of a man. Therefore, it must be trained in an entirely different way to produce results.

So these incredible Genius’ (I have to call them that), Scientists, Master Personal Trainers, along with Nutritionists, and Doctors came together and formulated a routine and diet specifically geared to the female anatomy. The mind blowing results are the Venus Index/Venus Factor Community Platform.

You will be completely engaged with others who have been in your shoes, no matter where you are in your life. They have succeeded, or are on their journey to reclaiming their youth and vitality, and it becomes a communal effort.

There are chat rooms of women talking day to day things, managing careers, family, real life distractions, and how they are neutralized. Diet plans are given out macro-nutrient, by macro-nutrient. This is a tool that if used properly, CANNOT fail you. Needless to say, when I was done with the women I was training, their husbands and mothers were thanking me.

Evidence Based

Now when I say Diet plans, I mean structured, peer-reviewed and evidence based diet plans, not for men and women, but specifically for the female’s unique qualities.

The pictures are true, the key to this whole regimen is 5 Key Vegetables! When I began to convey the diet to my female clients the changes were startling, to say the least. I felt so blessed to have the ability to affect the lives of women who no longer believed that they were beautiful.

To see those women regain their confidence and realize that their better self was in them the whole time and had never left, let’s just say that life does not give many rewards of that magnitude.

Weight Loss Community

I was just glad to be a part of it, and I am thankful for you to be reading this now. Put your seat belt on and get ready for what will, rest assured, be the ride of your life.

You can feel natural and valued in the Venus Index/Venus Factor Community no matter what stage of change you are in, beginner, intermediate, almost where you want to be, or maybe you fell off the wagon.

These women have such an intimate connection among themselves, it was like a violation for me to even be among them to glean their wisdom, but they did suffer me, for the benefit and thoughts of my female clients. I tell you this, they will not allow you to fail!