Athos Smart Fitness Apparel

Athos smart fitness apparel is the cutting edge leader in scientific athletic wear that connects to your phone and reports your accurate amount of effort and exertion. Athos reminds me of the Bionic 6 and it was something I just had to have and you do too, if you want to maximize your efforts and your potential. In this golden age of technology, this is just the obvious next step in the evolution of sportswear.

No longer do you just have to wait to see results from weight loss exercises that everyone say work. Now you can see for yourself in real time.

Analyzing Factors

  • Balance
  • Respiration
  • Muscle Exertion
  • Muscle Utilization
  • Exercise form
  • Heart Rate

The Live View

The Live View indicates exactly what muscles are working, how hard and, in what sequence to better perfect your form – scientifically! The Core collects and analyzes all of the physiological data from the sensors and sends everything to your mobile device via Bluetooth!

What Is EMG?

Athos uses the validated, proven scientific method of Electromyography, which has been used in sports performance institutes for years. However, electrodes and expensive equipment had to be used in the past to isolate parameters of performance, in a centralized location.

Smart clothing for better performance has never looked or felt so good. Controlled with sensors that record in real time, breathing, heart rate, muscle activity, calories burned and active vs. rest time. You are now wearing your Personal Fitness Trainer at an amazing discount than what it would cost to hire one who’s bills you were expected to pay indefinitely! Nor will they ever cancel an appointment.

Durable, reliable, compression fit, with sweat-wicking, cooling material that allows you to work harder for a longer period of time.

Athos has been reviewed as one of the most innovative companies of 2015. This is the revolution of the fitness apparel industry and it can be your with a $20 Off Your Athos Gear discount today!

Get it Now at no risk, because there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Click on the picture and go see the video for yourself!