ET – Eric Thomas, The Hip-Hop Preacher

ET – Eric Thomas, The Hip Hop Preacher. What can I say about him? Eric  is someone that I have watched grow. Eric is someone who inspired my growth. I came from the streets, so did Eric. I had very

greatnesshumble beginnings, so did Eric. I made some bad decisions, so did Eric. Eric is now a college graduate – so am I. Eric now motivates others to better their circumstances, and take control over their lives and live it to the fullest – thanks, in part to him, so do I. Are you seeing what’s going on here?

I introduce Dr. (oh, yes, he has a Doctorate) Eric Thomas to any one I care about, or not. If I spend any amount of time talking to anyone, at all, for whatever purpose, I introduce them to Eric Thomas.

This phenomenal human being has inspired millions of people to live their lives to their personal fullest. I have quoted him in seminars, I have referenced him in presentations. I have played his motivational speeches for clients and colleagues. I am doing this right now,at this very moment.

If you’re goal is to Lose Weight, Tighten your skin, and Tone your muscle mass, Seriously, I mean, Seriously y’all, it starts in the mind, and I have no better resource to point you towards to get your mind right, other than Dr. Eric Thomas.


He did it on his own, he built his own legacy, and yes he has had his share of weight issues, that he speaks about through his experience. This guy is transparent, he hides nothing. He has inspirational videos dealing with coming back from all forms of disaster, trauma, broken homes, poverty, illiteracy, abuse, domestic violence and then some. beast-in-youHe even has a whole series devoted to people’s marriages and how to rekindle the flame, what is his example? His own marriage.

You’ll see as you follow him, how he begins to weigh less and less in his videos, until he has reached his goal, and then he shares it with you. He shares with you how he came from a broken home, then was homeless for years, and eating out of garbage cans! He tells you how it took him twelve years to get a four year degree. He reveals that he has failed far more than he has ever succeeded, stating that the only difference between himself and those that lack success, is the fact that they quit. 

greatness-is-upon-you banner

Eric Thomas helped me get through online college when I couldn’t type. He helps me now, to this very day. This is why I have partnered with him, because I know that if you read his books and apply his principles and come back here, we will get you Lean and Mean, we will get you Honed and Toned, you will Lose Weight and Feel Great!

This is I guarantee! I stand by my affiliation with Eric Thomas and his company – ET Inspires – 1000%. He has even started a University, Breathe U., based on the first speech he did that went viral “When You Want To Succeed, As Bad As You Want To Breathe!” Since then he has made nothing but golden slogans, he has traveled the world – and I tell you, right now, that if you implement his wisdom into your life, losing weight will just be the beginning chapter for you!

Did I mention…the clothing linehow-bad-do-you-want-it

Dr. Eric Thomas is the this era’s ‘Golden Child‘,  invoking a holistic approach to success, involving a series of intimate instructional sessions with Inspirational Speaker and Life Strategist, Dr. Eric Thomas.

Study along with him as he delivers strategies on how you can move from where you are, to where you know you should be, through videos, mp3s, community discussion groups, access to live Q&A’s facilitated by Eric, and other tools and resources that you can use to help transform your life in the areas of:

  • finance
  • relationships
  • career goals
  • marrige and more
  • most importantly – How To Lose Weight, Tighten and Tone!!!

Don’t feel bad shopping with him because EVERY DAY with Eric is: black-friday

I seriously advise you to click here now and just go see what he has to offer, you will not be disappointed in your venture. Just make sure to inform them that Shawn sent you and buckle your seat belt!!