The Adonis Golden Ratio System


The Golden Adonis Ratio System, specifically tailored for men by John Barban. Who, if you do not know, is the founder of the Venus Index/Venus Factor for women, who just also happens to be the go-to guy for all the biggest brand name sports box-ripped-adonissupplement companies when they need a new, safe and effective breakthrough formula.

He is a World Class Expert in Nutrition, Physiology, Biology and has also taught Human Performance at the University of Florida.

You guys know I’m not going to place my stamp of approval on anything that I do not stand behind myself. Well, The Golden Adonis Ratio is one I can stand behind. This guy’s proven track record with all of the women’s lives that he has changed, with The Venus Factor, would be enough in itself.

Now he’s back with a system for men that is destined to change the game.

Woman Approved


Let me try to explain this. This program is based on the attraction ratio. This is the ideal size that a man’s muscles are supposed to be, in relation to the other muscles, in order for you to appear as attractive as possible to the women. I’m not making this stuff up.

This is what they have done, they have interviewed countless scores of women in adonis profileorder to find out the Perfect Body Formula, as seen in Men’s Health Magazine. And they have been successful at it. You know what the verdict is?Symmetrical.

Women want a man, genetically and based on evolution, who is symmetrical. It makes since too, when all of our old bodybuilding heroes have had to have heart surgeries, and kidney failure upon liver failure, for eating themselves into an early grave. As well as taking steroids to be gigantic, and come to find out, women don’t even like that.

We all started out lifting to be the stud, am I right? Of course I am and the bigger we got, the slower we became. The more we ate, the weaker our stamina became. I’m trying to paint a picture here fellas, help me out.

Realistically, it is harmful to our longevity to live a lifestyle where we have got to become bigger all the time. I was 240 and found it incredibly uncomfortable. I believed in the old adage: Lift Big, Sleep Bigger, Eat the Biggest, nothing is said for Big Love Making.

Nothing is said for what you have to sacrifice, like long bouts of intense love making. We’d be lucky not to catch a heart attack 25 minutes in, if that.  Well, this program is based on evidence.  Women don’t even find that insane hugeness attractive, I was told this on more occasions than one.

What Is The Ratio?

Now with this program, similar to the Venus Factor platform, you input your information; age, weight, activity level, height, and body measurements into their patented nutritional software, and your diet and exercise routine comes back out. Letter for letter, due to a mathematically proven algorithm that, if followed correctly, will expedite you from your current shape to your Adonis Golden Ratio state.

Break It Down

PART – 1-  There is three parts of this system and the first component is the diet. The diet is not really geared to what you eat, rather how much youburger-and-fries eat, so it is calorie specific. You can eat pretty much whatever you want as long as you stay under the calorie ceiling and exercise as directed.

Meals, calories, and nutrients are generated from the Adonis Index tailored to your Perfect Golden Adonis Ratio. Accompanied by a wide variety of foods you probably figured impossible to eat on a healthy fat cutting and muscle building diet, that are actually vital at certain stages for growth stimulation.

Protein cycling (I know, right?) is implemented as well, to maximize your results at different phases of your process. You will also learn of 5 foods, that you probably ate two of today, that you should absolutely never eat.

Adonis-push-up-bigPART – 2 – The second part is the actual exercises. Here you will learn of a weird trick to stimulate an anabolic growth advantage, also you will learn what exercises never to do, that the exercise and fitness industry has been swearing by since inception. The reason for this is it distorts your proportions, which throws you out of shape, and out of alignment of what women desire, no matter how much you can deadlift (hint).

PART – 3 – The third part is supplementation. You will learn why John (the authority on all things supplement) says that 90% of protein supplements are a complete waste of money and a danger to your health. You’ll learn of one fat burner you never even heard of.

Also how to get 24% off of retail supplement purchases each and every time. He also explicitly states that supplements are not necessary, nor are they required, unless of course you wish to just expedite the process somewhat.

Self Sustaining, Self Supporting

What else…oh yes, the platform is an integrated communal platform, so you will be able to dialogue with others who are more advanced that yourself for the purpose of support and inspiration. This is integral to your development, and the best way to be about this is hand in hand, you get support in the beginning, you give support after a little seasoning. This is how the whole community grows. In essence, steel sharpens steel.

sweaty-athleteThis Adonis Ratio is man in his natural state. Think of the sculpted anatomic figures, all muscle no skin, imagine being able to see the actual fibers of your muscles because you are so ripped. This is the purest, most attractive shape that a man can aspire to possess and become the object over which women obsess. The perfect form to elicit strength, power, admiration and magnetic attraction from the opposite sex. This is the epitome, the highest degree of genetic fitness.

The key component is a tapered V-Shape, perfectly proportioned from shoulders to waist. This creates immediate admiration from both sexes, and this is called the Adonis effect.

60 Day $ Back Guarantee

Finally, and this should be the cinch pin. Complete product ownership, no monthly payments. One payment under $40 dollars money-back-sealand this is your possession and system for life. No risk as there is a full and complete 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product.

I very seriously doubt that you’ll be making that call though when you begin to see veins in your shoulders, stomach, and chest. This money back guarantee is for 60 days. That’s right, 60 days if you have any regrets call the company and within 24 hours your money will be returned and you will no longer be able to log onto the community.

Wrap Up

Now those are odds. How much faith do you have in yourself? Go passionate-coupleahead, contact the people over there at the Adonis Golden Ratio and you’ll be glad that you did, and your wife or girlfriend, will be too. Just remember that Shawn sent you…

And hey, drop in on us from time to time and let the people know how it’s going, we can compare notes, because I’ve got mine! You know when people start to look and feel better, because they don’t come around like they used to…(smile!)