Precision Ketone Diabetes Testing Kit – Precision Xtra Meter+10 Precision Ketone Test Strips, 100 Lancets 30g, Lancing Device and 100 Alcohol Pads

ketone test strips

From the Slight Touch company, this is the best price I could find on an all comprehensive Ketogenic Diabetes testing Kit.  For under $100.00 this kit comes complete with Precision Xtra Meter and Ten Precision Ketone Test strips, you will be able to know if your diet is working, if you need to tweak it, and whether or not you are really in a Ketosis State.

Giving you a much better chance to effectively monitor adjust your diet along with your physical regimen in order to produce the best fat loss muscle building response. 100 lancets, as well as the lancing device, with the alcohol pads to correspond to each lance, this is a must have for those who cycle on and off a Ketogenic Diet plan for the fastest, most comprehensive results!

A blood Ketone test is done similarly to a blood glucose test, although only a fraction of blood glucose meters provide blood ketone functionality. You are going to want to:

  • Put a blood ketone strip into the meter
  • Prick your finger using the lancing device
  • Allow blood to the ketone strip
  • Wait for the result
  • Safely discard the test strip
  • Discard the lancet into a sharps bin

Click here to get your ketone testing kit, complete with all the above features, and a carrying case, so you can take it with you to ensure that your diet is producing the most effective results. Why? Because you have to know, even when on the go!

Precision Xtra Blood Ketone Test Strips, Sealed- 2 Boxes of 10 Each


ketone strips

About the Product

  • Precision Xtra Blood/Ketone Test Strips are for use with Precision Xtra meters.
  • It is for use with Precision Xtra Testing System.
  • The test strips are designed to quantitatively measure blood Beta-ketone.
  • It is fresh capillary whole blood from the fingertip


If you really want to be on top of your diet, you game, your losses and your gains, you are going to want to stay stocked with these testing strips!

It only takes one bad meal to slip out of Ketosis and have the body relapse into converting protein into glycogen and you can kiss all of your hard work and all of your fat loss goodbye.

These Ketone test strips come in handy when you need them to remain in Ketosis and to know where you are at in regards to the numbers in order to make your investment reap rewards.

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