Consistency is key and Application is KING! I want you to know that when this takes place, and iALWAYS takes place, that you are not alone. I want you to know that you are not alone, and it has happened to all who accomplish anything great in their lives. There is going to be opposition, and there is going to be opposition from those who you are supposed to be able to lean on for support. I’m going to tell you now, do not be so gullible. What do I mean?

I mean that just because you have set your sights on something huge, some great worthwhile accomplishment, that people are going to share your vision, or your sentiments. no, they will not see what you see, nor will they feel what you feel. Just so we are clear, when they see you beginning to get away from them, undertaking some huge endeavor, of which they are not concerned they will try to pull you back like gravity into their rotation. What do I mean?

Have you ever been doing something important, and had someone try to distract you? Have you ever been concentrated on one thing, of one mind, and this is just the time when someone comes, and they can’t help but to tell you about how something did not go their way, and they won’t stop talking? How about someone trying to get you to accompany them, somewhere you know you’re not supposed to be, to do something you know you’re not supposed to do, with some people you know you’re not supposed to be around? This is what I am talking about.

Now, for the good part. When you inform your friend, your mate, you family member, your mother, father , sister, or your brother that you cannot accompany them, listen to them, go with them, or lend them the money, time , or attention that they are asking for, because you have goals, and a future on your mind, that is going to benefit you, them, and everyone else involved – What Happens? Now you become the enemy, now you think you’re better than they are, now you’re self centered, your selfish, you don’t love them, you don’t care, blah, blah, blah.

No, it’s not that you don’t care. It’s actually that you do care. You care too much to be distracted, you care too much to be preoccupied with things that are not as valuable, as what you are trying to do for all parties involved. It’s not important who won the game last night, it’s not important who Kim kissed at the club last night, or who so & so went home with. I’m sorry! It’s not important who got dragged at the bar, and locked up, or who got caught with what, where. If you’re goal oriented, and trying to handle this thing we call life the right way – you couldn’t possibly care less!

You know why? Because you’re about your business! You’re about your business, and everyone else is about everyone else’s business than their own, and that’s why theirs never gets done, or is handled correctly. It is your job to tend to your homestead, numero-uno, it is your job to create a future worth stepping into for yourself and your loved ones, and when people, even your loved ones don’t understand that, guess what? IT’S NOT FAIR! IT HURTS! IT MAKES YOU ANGRY, and you have a right to be disturbed!

But guess what – get over it! Taxes aren’t fair, there are some laws that could be better laid out too, and the red light always seems to catch us sometimes, but that’s not going to change. It’s just not, the only thing that can change is how it affects you. So you know what I learned a long time ago, as soon as I started making the right decisions and giving more energy to a better future than the people who had a sad song to sing all the time? I learned that people are not going to like you when you start striving for something better.

You can call it jealousy, envy, hate, I won’t give it enough attention to give it a name, I’ll tell you the truth though – it’s not fair. Why should someone else be negatively affected because you can’t hang out anymore, it doesn’t stop them from going to the club does it? Of course not, but you know what they say – misery loves company. So, if you find yourself, by yourself, on a Friday night, at 8 pm, with a book, while everyone else is at the club – I think you’re doing pretty good by yourself, and when you read about what happened in the paper the next day you will think so too. To sum this all up, and tie it together – the next time you’re thinking about changing your routine to make someone else feel better, think about how unfair that you’d be to you, and your goals and dreams, and just accept that sometimes it isn’t fair, and JUST DO YOU!