Mind State of the Greats

So what is it about the Mind State? I think a better question is, what is not about the Mind-State? See, friends, the Mind-State is the most prized possession that a man or woman can possibly have, and the greatest asset when setting out to accomplish anything. You simply have to have the right Mind State. Remember the body is led by the mind!

Laser Focus

That Laser Focus is what we’re talking about. That no nonsense, “get it how you live”, disregard for all obstacles, competition or setback, Laser Focus. To really succeed in life takes disregard. Disregard from all distractions. If you are too concerned with what others are doing, you will pay less attention to what you are NOT doing, and what you need to be doing in order to succeed. In my past some people have thought that I was bitter, or that I was cold, that I didn’t care enough. But now, as you see, all I’ve done with this site is try to help people. Some people had to get their feelings hurt in the process, because my mission was to help more people than just them.

Negative Habits/Influences

If you’re in the business of losing weight, let’s say you and your sister have a bad habit of eating pizzas and drinking beer every Friday afternoon, it’s become a ritual of sorts. Again, this is what you and your sister do when you guys get together on Friday afternoons. This is what you’ve done for 3 years, never missed a Friday. Yet, you and your sister share different goals, your sister maybe able to do this pizza/beer thing. Her metabolism might burn it all up quick, and it just sits on you. It sits on you, and it destroys your self esteem, along with your complexion, and in the last 3 years you’ve gained 15 pounds a year. You know what?

You might want to skip your Friday ritual. You may want to duck your sister. You may want to hurt her feelings, if she can’t understand why. If she doesn’t respect you enough to support you, and sit down to a salad and room temperature water with you on your Friday “get togethers” from now on, you may want to “kick her out the whip!” This is where the importance of your Mind-State kicks in.


If you have a weak Mind-State, if you see others wants, goals and aspirations as being equal, or even more important than your wants, goals, and aspirations then you know what? There’s a good chance that you will not meet your potential. There’s a good chance that you will not be happy. There’s a good chance that none of your hopes, wants, dreams, goals, and aspirations will get met. But there’s also a good chance that those around you will meet their wants, goals and aspirations – around you.

Why Opposites Attract

Do you understand? There is a good chance that your failure to stand up for yourself, and the things that would make you happy, actually help others to stand up for themselves, and have the things that make them happy. Do you remember that pretty girl or boy, that slim girl/boy, that popular girl/boy in high school – and his/her “so-called” best friend was the fat girl/boy, the aaiight looking girl/boy, or just plain ugly girl/boy? The unpopular girl/boy. You’ve probably noticed your fair share of these dynamics in your life depending on your age. This is why opposites attract.

You see, the popular girl/boy had the Mind-State that she/he would surround her/himself with those who had less, so everyone would see her/him as the best. The other poor girl/boy did not have the Mind-State to get out of the slim girl/boy’s shadow and go it alone. This is what a Mind-State of Success Looks Like.

Sometimes you have to GO IT ALONE!

Go For Self

You have to surround yourself with those on the same path, a team, only once you’ve been on your path long enough to know that if they stop somewhere, if they get tired, if they give up, if they drop out, if they die tomorrow, it will not stop you from achieving your wants, dreams, goals and aspirations. You have to go for SELF! Why? Because … No ones going to give you what you want, no one’s going to succeed for you. No one’s going to lose 100 lbs. for you, no one’s going to go to college for you, no one’s going to cut out carbs, pastries and breads for you, NNOOOO!  It just doesn’t work like that!

War Zone

Yeah, Mom and Dad are kind of fond of you, your high school sweet heart was affectionate towards you, your wife or your husband loves you, your kids worship you. SO WHAT? They are not able to make the sacrifices that you have to make, in your mind-State first! You have to leave the “woe is me“, “poor me“,  the “why can’t I eat cake and not gain weight, like all of my friends” mentality alone in the cold. You must discard this way of thought and put on your mental army fatigues. You must prepare for war!

 You or Them?

You may have to hurt some feelings, they’ll get over it. You may have to break a few rules, they’ll get over it. You may have to leave some people alone, SO WHAT! You may have to spend a little less time a day with little Timmy, so you can spend more time with him in the long run. This is what is called a winning Mind-State!

This is how you WIN! You win by caring more about how you feel, than how others feel. There are always going to be some hurt feelings on the battle field of life. That’s O.K. What’s most important is how YOU feel, when you get out of bed, when you look in the mirror, and when you step on the scales.

Be Ye Motivated!

There is much more that can be said for the right Mind-State in life. I just happened to have written a book about it. For more information on achieving the right Mind-State, I implore you to check out The 7 Prerequisites To Success; Pathways to Paramount Performance where I deliver the key principles and steps to expect on the road, and how to navigate them.

Until next time, let’s go for SELF! Let’s put some Work In for your dreams. Lets aspire to reach our goals. Let’s burn the boats, let’s get some head way and clarity about what, and more importantly, WHO, is most important to us!

Let’s Optimize our Performance starting with our Mind-State!