The mental aspect of losing weight, tightening and toning whatever part of your body that you so choose, is the most-foods-for-healthy-brain (1) important aspect.

So many people have tried to accomplish something that they set out to do, with success at first, only to shortly turn back.

This is what we call relapse, into their old ways, and processes of decision making, which sets them up for failure. I’m going to tell you a secret, that really is no secret at all.


The secret to your success at losing weight, tightening your skin thereafter, toning you muscular makeup, getting the job of your dreams, changing self defeating habits, etc., etc., is as simple as depressionmaking a decision, and then putting in the work behind that decision.

I know that’s a little deep and surface at the same time. You just have to take my word for it and continue in the process, and I will soon prove to you that the process of making a major change in your life, whatever that change may consist of, is as easily accomplished as making a decision and sticking to your guns.

What no one else has in mind for you, and what no one else wants for you will have any impact whatsoever, unless YOU make up YOUR mind to change.


I am Certified in Alcohol and Substance Abuse Counseling, and no amount of education I may have, no amount of degrees on my wall, is going to give me more power over someone than they themselves have.

I can but point out the way, this direction must be followed by he or she who wishes to accept the instruction, he or she who has healthy-life-conceptsseen the error of his or her way, be it their alcoholism or their eating habits. You must see this health and wellness lifestyle for itself and choose to make a conscious decision to change for the better. This decision you make will empower my education and experience to be of benefit for you.

This power, to empower others to be of use to you, is solely in your hands alone, and it starts in your mind. The body truly is led by the mind. So make the mental decision and let others lead you, shining-key-in-a-darkphysically, by the hand. You will not regret it! This is, in essence, how to lose weight, tighten and tone, and the KEY to so much more!