Consistency is key and Application is KING! I want you to think of why you subscribed to this newsletter in the first place. Think back. You wanted to change something. You wanted to becomes something, or someone, that you were not yet. What was it? Did you want to earn more money? Revolutionize your relationship? Lose weight? Go back to school? What was it that you wanted to transform?

When I was training with Tony Robbins, arguably the #1 Life/Business/Relationship Coach in the world right now, he taught me that there are basically 6 Human Needs. The needs for Significance, Certainty, Uncertainty or Variety, Love, Growth and Contribution.

The need for Significance means to count for something. To be acknowledged, a sense of importance to someone or something. Does what you do make a difference? To whom, and on what level? If you were to not show up tomorrow, would you be missed, or would no one really notice? Is what you do significant, does it matter, and on what level does it matter? Does your daily activity light you on Fire with Passion and Excitement, and do you wake up feeling like you can’t wait to attack the day, and do it in a Fabulous way? If not, you probably don’t feel that significant. Do you feel lost sometimes, or not noticed? Is that where you experience lack?

Maybe it’s in the area of Certainty. Are things all over the place right now, and not making sense? Can you say with assurance that you know what tomorrow is going to look like? With yesterday being Election Day, what changes are there on the forecast? In this ever changing world, with new beliefs and practices popping up everywhere at an all time high, what can we really be certain of? Is this where you experience anxiety? At what tomorrow might bring?

Perhaps your certainty is intact, and it’s a sense of Uncertainty or Variety that you crave. Have things become routine, and you never experience difference or variation, i.e. excitement? Do you crave for something different to happen? Is it back and forth to work, school, the regular conversations with the same people that have you feeling stagnant? Is anything changing for you, or is it more and more of the same old, same old? If this is your experience, you’re  probably dying to shake things up a little, it doesn’t really matter what happens, for God’s sake, right? As long as something, anything, takes place to shake us out of this rut, out of this never ending circular pattern of mundane existence!

Maybe your need is Love. This is one of the most common areas where we feel and emptiness. Maybe the kids have left home, they are on their way to college, maybe you and the misses, or hubby, have just become bored with one another, and the never ending oppression of bills, and trying to make ends meet, have you seeing less and less of each other, unless it’s time to eat, sleep, or make ‘love’, just to FEEL SOMETHING, but not really experience Total Love. Does this sound like you?

Perhaps it is the feeling of Growth. Are you growing, maturing, and changing in your life? Are you becoming better? Are you taking the steps that you said you would take to become more healthy, disciplined, are you losing weight, becoming tighter, are you reading your 1/2 hour daily? Are you growing? Are you becoming the individual that you know you can be, and that you deserve to be, or are you frozen in overwhelm? I’ll let you in on a secret; if we are not growing, what are we doing? That’s right. We’re dying. Nothing is stagnant. Energy doesn’t stand still, we are always moving, the only question is: are you coming, or are you going?

Are you Contributing to the world that you are a part of? Do you help people? Do you help enough people, enough of the time? Is there more you could be doing, and would be doing, if you only had more? More money, and more time? If money wasn’t an issue for you, if you could do anything you wanted with your 24 hours, every day, what would you spend them doing? What would you learn, and who would benefit from knowing you? People seem to derive the most pleasure, and sense of fulfillment in life, not when they are getting per se, but when they are engaged in the act of giving away. Teaching, training, loving, securing, providing, saving, people feel at their apex when they are engaged in an act of selflessness, and contributing to the happiness and welfare of others. Are you able to contribute? Do you wish you could do more?

If so, this is the purpose of coaching. The purpose of coaching, on any level, and in any discipline, is to unlock your potential. So you can feel more, experience more growth, contribution, love, significance, certainty, or uncertainty in you life, if that is what you are missing. I’ll let you in on another secret. Are you ready? It’s my need to contribute that leads me to do this, write these emails, and pour into you every week. I really don’t write this just so you can read something on Wednesdays, even though I appreciate you doing so. I have become obsessed with optimization. It is my mission in life to see you fulfilled, to fill your cup with my own. I have been blessed to have been trained by some of the very best, and I have invested tens of thousands of hours sitting at the feet of Giants of Life Transformation that are no longer here, so that I can convey this Transformative information to you!

If this resonates with you, and if you think you would benefit from experiencing expansion in any of the areas mentioned, Significance, Certainty, Uncertainty, Love, Growth or Contribution, if any of it makes sense, and you agree, but just don’t know where to start, or how to go about it, schedule a FREE CONSULTATION below and let’s Transform Your LIFE! Let’s get the juices flowing in the right direction, with the correct energy and communication.