I don’t know if you saw the movie Split with the guy from The X-Men. He’s not the point, the point is the scene towards the end of the movie. When the last victim was about to get killed, and he saw the scars on her back. When he saw the scars on her back, he saw that she had been through something. Something real. That something, from her past – that experience –  is what saved her life. Something that defined her character, something that had left her forever changed, and no longer the same. If you’re reading this now, I saw that something in you.

I saw that you had been through something, and were still involved in the process, so, as we proceed … I saw that you had maybe been knocked down, and still gotten up, dusted yourself off, and moved forward. Maybe you’re down right now, I don’t know. What I do know is, as we proceed .. we receive what we need, and become who we need to become in order to take ourselves to the next level. What is your next level? Where are you on your way to? What are your goals right now? As we proceed .. toward the next year, what will be different about it than the 12 month cycle we are departing from?

How are we going to take what we have learned and implement that into our daily bread? I’m not on no holy stuff either, how are we going to implement that into our daily bread. By bread I mean fuel, sustenance, how is what we have lived through going to teach our reach, how is it going to stiffen our backs for the road ahead, is what I’m asking you? As we proceed forward, we cannot be the same people that we were yesterday. The things we fell for yesterday is not going to trick us today, it will not slow us down today.

I appreciate your time, and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you on this Wednesday morning. We all go through things, it is not what we go through though, that defines us. It is the character we build through the process, it is who we become .. as we proceed .. though life that gives us definition. It is what we do, with the blessings and lessons we are given. Remember – to He whom much is given, much is required. That is why we are having this dialogue today, it is because I have been forged through certain fires to have certain understandings, that it is now my responsibility to relay forward.

What have you learned that you have to give forward? Whose life was your last lesson meant to transform? Who is supposed to benefit from that which you have been through? Are you in your best role, to be able to change the lives of those who come into contact with you? Remember, no matter where you are, you count. You count in this thing we call life. You have purpose. You have meaning, and life is a team sport, so let’s get together and figure it out.