I wanted to deep dive into this concept of success for a moment or two to begin with. You see, a lot people do not believe that they are successful because they are measuring their potential success by someone else’s standards and definition of what success really looks like. A Mother’s definition of success may be college graduation before pregnancy and relationship. A Father’s definition of success may be obtaining a job that has career growth built in.

Consistency is key and Application is KING! Success is like beauty, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. Success is solely in the eye of the beholder, meaning your success is defined by your definition of success. Your idea of success can be reading a book a month, while another’s may be obtaining a perfect credit score, and still someone else’s definition of success can be staying alive, and making it out of the ‘hood.’ So let’s not get it twisted, success can be many different things to different people, but accomplishing these different things makes them all ‘successful.’

One thing that no one can be successful at, however, is hitting a target that they cannot see. I’m going to explain, very briefly, one of the main reasons for clinical depression, and it is lack of definition. I say in my book, in reference to success, whatever that looks like for you.I say that because I know that success is not a one size fits all topic. At the same time, it is a goal to be aimed for, it gives our lives definition, purpose, and reward in the pursuit of a worthy ideal.

By the way, my definition of success is the ‘progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’

Whatever your definition of a worthy ideal is, the progressive realization of it constitutes success for you. However, if you never define what success is for you in your mind, and in your life, you will never be making any progress towards anything at all. Thus you will be miserable, without purpose, spinning your wheels, discontent, and endlessly looking for definition, validation, and purpose outside of yourself  which can lead to any number of negative results, depression just being one of them.

So, my message to you this Great Morning is to define what success looks like for you. What does success look like for you this morning? The rest of this week? This month? This year? Having defined this goal and objective will allow you to begin to structure your actions to construct a map of how to achieve this success – step by meaningful step.

Remember – we only feel great about ourselves when we are making progress, but if we have no definitive goals to progress towards we are frozen. All of our action will be for the sake of action alone, and there is a huge difference between doing a lot, and getting a lot done.