We are living in the Best Times to be Alive. There is more opportunity than there has ever been in the world, and the U.S. specifically.

With the advent of Martin Luther King Day two days ago, and this being the 38th day of the Federal Shutdown, I’d just like to introduce you to the reality that many of us have already become well acquainted with, and that is UNCERTAINTY. But Shawn, you’re probably wondering now, aren’t these mixed messages? Not really, and I’m going to tell you why.

We live in extremely exciting, and changing times. We live in an ever changing world. The landscape of change is ever upon us, moving us rapidly toward both improving both ourselves, and our processes. If we answer the call, we advance. If we do not then we pray – in and of itself.

Now, I do not make it a habit to talk about religion, but I am a Prayerful Man, and at the same time, I am a Careful Man. Careful in that I take care to see that regardless to what takes place that I cannot control, i.e. Federal Shutdowns, economic instability, turbulent job market, I control that which I can control. I can control my current level of skills, and I can control the level of anxiety and fear that I allow to infringe upon my Peace of Mind and Happiness.

We cannot control that which happens outside of ourselves, I reiterate, but we CAN CONTROL that which takes place inside of ourselves, such as Growth & Development. Why speak about growth and development? Because in these times it is ever important that we are consistently growing at the pace of technological change, and demands upon us to rapidly increase in the areas of knowledge and ability.

I say that these are the best times to be alive because they allow .. no, they demand us to evolve, to become better, to push ourselves ahead, to seek clarity above the noise, and to know that we have options, or we produce options. Now, many of the 800,000+ people who are directly affected by the Federal Shutdown have no options, other than to wait for the relief to come, and until then to wait, or even more obscenely, to work for no pay.

However, if these smart, dedicated, loyal people, these good, American citizens were to have thought outside of the box, and created a second, third, and/or fourth stream of income, no matter how small,  for themselves and their families .. just in case, many of them would not be in the predicament in which they now find themselves.

Now, I am not bashing the Administration, I do not do that. I am saying that outside of the box of convention, there are outliers.Outliers are defined as, well, I’m not going to provide all the work, please look up the definition. What I am saying is that there are opportunities, and economic incentives outside the main body or system that can compliment and add to the conventional body of economics in which many exist.

I absolutely LOVE this time and everything that is taking place in it, because it causes us to stretch, to raise our necks above our Iphones, and social media, and look to become better versions of ourselves, because that is what is needed now, and that is what is going to be needed moving forward. Remember God Bless the Child that Has His or Her OWN!

That is the Dream that I believe Martin was alluding to, one wherein we are totally free. Free from fear, worry, doubt, lack, or injustice, and no man can strip us of that which we procure and provide for ourselves. With that being said, I am going to recap last week’s Prerequisite to Success Weekly Wisdom for reference ..

Last Week I relayed the PHENOMENAL information that –

According to fortune.com there were 2.4 millionaires added to the millionaires club between the years of 2010 and 2015. That’s an increase of epic proportions.

Add to that the fact that there are 1,700 NEW MILLIONAIRES ADDED TO THE ROLE CALL DAILY!!

So, the only reasonable question that remains is – will YOU be one of them? That answer is up to you, and the action you take now. The opportunity for massive success is everywhere you look. You just have to identify a need, satisfy that need, and reproduce that Action over and over again.

Success comes as a result of an iterative process, it is a fail, learn, improve and adapt process, fail, learn, improve and adapt. If that’s not inspire your performance, it’s hard to say what will.

Let’s Get At It!! See you there!!