I Want to be Toned


All you have to do to be toned and cut is use light weight for high repetitions. WRONG!

This was the old adage and former belief and instruction of many of the former guru’s of bodybuilding and shape definition. They failed to report that it worked for them, because they were on a steroid or thermogenic that was making their liver fail or stressing their kidneys as they worked to expel water retention.

Peoples definition of tone, being toned, and toning, have variousmuscle-model meanings, but it is generally referring to the condition of being firm. Having definition and noticeable shape. Most women have these goals, men have a variation where they want to be ripped, and most times it is referring to the triceps or calf muscle.

The reason why the title statement is false is because their is so much more that goes into the condition of being toned. What about the diet and cardiovascular activity in order to burn fat?


Muscles do not transform in terms of soft to hard or hard to soft,  that is the appearance and the appearance of this condition is actually and illusion. What does take place in terms of muscle has to do with size, it either shrinks or it grows – period.

female-athlete-physiqueWhat does take place is growth of muscle tissue along with the reduction of body fat percentage. This is what allows the on-looker to witness the Firmness, tight skin restricts the muscle and encapsulates it, not allowing it to move or “Jiggle”, thus giving it a more “tight” appearance.

I now every one is searching for the magic purple pill, well i am sorry to break it to you so harshly, but good luck with that. Reality, here on Earth, there is two things that you are going to have to do to elicit this desired appearance of being toned.

1– You are going to have to strength train.

2-You are going to have to shed at least one layer of fat.

Why Is That?


You will not become toned by just following a regular routine, andyou-gotta-earn-it you will definitely not become toned engaging in the ridiculous practice of lifting lighter weight, I don’t care how many reps you do.

In order to get rid of fat,in order to reveal the beauty of the muscle underneath, there must be a significant calorie deficit.

Stress The Muscle


Men and women need to stress the muscle to elicit hypertrophy, or growth, and it is only done with lifting moderate to heavy weight.

This is what will make them grow, no other natural method. Just meaninglessly moving your limbs will not produce change or definition, if that were true everyone you see would be toned.

The target range of reps prior to failure, the sweet spot, is from 8 to 12 reps. Also include some form of cardio into your workout regimen along with the calorie deficit to begin to see some real results and expedite the process.




The beautiful thing about the body and the specific way you train it is that you can get the benefits of both – a strength training -and a muscular-jumpingcardio workout. Which will in effect, have a fat burning and a cardiovascular component from resistance, or strength training.

Basically, the more muscle that you build, the faster your metabolism will burn stubborn fat cells, even at rest. this will lead to permanent muscle gains, and fat loss, while you do nothing.

Do this and keep your periods of rest short while working out, and you will be doing cardio by default.


Circuit Training


This is the reason for the hooplah about Circuit Training and what female-bodybuilderthe old school lifters used to call super sets. When doing circuit training you go from one exercise to the next immediately following one another allowing for no rest periods, therefore having the cardio effect.

Also when super setting you are reducing your rest between exercises as well, though maybe not as much as you do when Circuit Training.

 Challenge Yourself


Again, water finds it level and so should you. Variate, experiment and come up with the right mix of movements that you are comfortable with, while keeping in mind, that if you are too comfortable, the gains are probably being minimized, you want to challenge yourself in order to see gains.

Remember when finding what works for you and designing yourtrain-hard-feel-good routine that larger muscle groups like legs, back and chest, will burn more calories than, let’s say the triceps push-down or the calf raises.

This is why you will see the most toned physiques on people who normally incorporate, deadlifts, any variation of squats, bench presses, lunges and so on.



Wrap Up

If you do this and incorporate a nutritional base upon which to build,looking good keeping your weight heavy, rest periods short and incorporating cardio into your routine, you will be well on your way to substantial gains and achieving that toned look and you desire. And others desire to look at!

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