Trim, Tighten and Tone


Alright, so it’s school time again and you’re about to return to your friends and peers, new and old and you’ve got all of your clothes ready and your gear and you start to notice something…

You’re not the same slim, trim, lean and mean stomach crunching machine that they’re going to remember. What happened?some-rest

If you’re like most you used your summer to travel, lounge, lay around, get a tan, and just catch up on things that you missed during the year plugging away at the G.P.A.  Things like sleep.


Sound familiar?


If it does, that’s fine. We just have to trim, tighten and tone our way back to the drop-jaw physique that everyone remembers.  No big thing, it ‘s just time to dust off that membership card in your handbook, you know, the one to the gym.


What Else?


It’s back to the regimen, back to the salads and the water. The crackers and the cheese, the cottage cheese, the no thank you, I’m fulls. The kiwi and strawberries, not in excess as these lead to sugar which leads to our arch enemy…FATS!


So…Leave The Car At Home


Let’s get some leg work in. Did you know the main reason for fat and lbs. gained during the day? A sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle of driving woman-in-the-red-carfrom one place to the other, sitting in the A.C. all day while the sun is shining and the Earth is moving. We sit in our bathrooms, we sit at our breakfast table, we sit in the car for the commute and then the majority of us either sit in an office at work, or sit at a desk in school. Then we do this in reverse.


Reverse Polarity


Shake up the trend do things opposite. If you walk instead of ride, stand instead of sit, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. these burned calories will begin to add up. Remember the Less Is More Diet, the less you eat – the more you lose. Simple math, right? Sounds that way, but idle time is the wicked weight’s workshop.


Idle Time


This is when we find ourselves craving chocolate, so what do we do? Bring carrots. They are crunchy and flavorful, crisp, and they will salad-and-cakealso wet your palate, when you feel thirsty. They will also make you feel full. Crave salt, like chips? Bring crackers, or better yet wheat thins, dab a bit of sunflower seed butter onto them to give you a healthy fat, packed with protein. Like sweets? Try raisins, their delicious. Moderation, not misery.

Above All Else

Above all else, stay active! Get out there and enjoy life, every step you take, as long as it is not to the hot dog stand, will reward you in a calorie burned. Find others who are like minded and resourceful. make becoming trim and slim again interesting, challenge yourself. Then, reward yourself when you beaten the bloat, Trimmed, Tightened, Toned and  Transformed your figure back to the summer you, you deserve it!

Any additional information or words of inspiration, leave below!