The Basic 4 Movements


In order to lose weight, tighten and tone, of course, you are going to have to exercise.  Do the exercises have to take the major percentage of your day, do they have to be pain-inducing, do they have to make you want to throw up? No they do not.

Every female wants a Jen Selter. Every male wants Hugh Jackman’s  abdominal development. Well, how do you go about the attainment of such?

The answer is simple: EXERCISE!

What Exercises?


  • The Squat

The squat can be performed with weight on your back or it can be woman-squatsperformed with bodyweight. The goal is to squat down, as if you were sitting down on a chair, pausing, and coming back up into full standing position.

You want your feet to be at about shoulder width. Do this for ten reps and the main thing is not to jerk through your reps. Take your time. Breathe. Visualize your posterior tightening.

4 sets X 10 reps

  • The Lunge

The Lunge is performed from the starting position of the squat. It can be performed with minimal weight on your back, with dumbells at your sides, or it can be fitness-couple-doing-lunges-with-hand-weightsperformed with just your bodyweight and you can add weight as you become accustomed to the movement.

For this exercise you can stand in place and just lunge backward with one leg, until your back leg is stretched out to the point that your knee touches the ground, and then rise back up to starting position. Do this for 4 sets of 10 reps and switch.

4 sets X 10 reps

  • The Push Up

The push up can be done on your knees or with your legs stretched out in back of you. You want to plant your palms on the floor about shoulder width apart. Take your time and let your elbows bend until healthy-young-guy-doing-push-up-exerciseyour chin is one inch from the floor and push yourself back up into the starting position, which is in a straight line from your toes to the crown of your head.

If you are experiencing pain, or have to bend your back then do it with your knees on the floor to gradually build up your core. Do this for four sets of 10 reps.

4 sets X 10 reps

  •  The Crunch

For this exercise you want to lie flat on your back, with your hands behind your head. Slowly bring your knees up midway, as you crunchwoman-staying-fit your abdominal muscles to power up your trunk meeting your elbows with your knees and then slowly, with control, bring your feet back to the floor as you lower your head back to the floor and repeat.

This will seem Athos apparelawkward at first and immediately stop if you feel dizzy or lightheaded. Once you master this there are various techniques to implement to target specific muscles groups such as the obliques, upper and lower abs. For now just concentrate on this for 4 sets and 10 reps.

4 sets X 10 reps

Now the key to losing weight while this is taking place is to do these sets and reps at a pace that causes the heart rate to increase. If you feel mild discomfort at first, well, then you know it’s working (smile). Mild discomfort is just that, an increase in heartbeat, sweating, and shortness of breath.

Pain is when you feel sharp bolts of discomfort at specific places in your body. That is the body’s way of telling you it is not quite ready for that much exertion yet. If this happens discontinue your workout wherever you are at in it and come back to it at a later time.



The key to this is a mechanical repetition, like the hands of a clock. Over and over again, we are training our body to overcome the mild discomfort and do our mind’s bidding regardless of the body’shourglass desire. The body is going to tell you to stop, go to the cupboard, and get that pack of doughnuts.

I implore you to listen to your mind and struggle against the body’s lazy desires. You can train your body to do your mind’s bidding and by this I also mean actually change shape, weight, structure, strength, and form.

The ideal time spent between all of the exercises is 20 – 30 minutes.

If you can do this 3 X a week, ideally Monday, Wednesday and Friday, sticking to your diet of Less is More,  Congratulations!! You’re ready to advance from the Beginner to Intermediate level, and wait until you see what I’ve got for you there!