Consistency is key and Application is KING! In business they have what we refer to as a Balanced Scorecard. The Balanced Scorecard is a measurement tool, and I always tell my clients that you cannot expect what you don’t inspect. What are your measurements? What is Your Score, and how can you tell if you are winning or losing? What are your performance metrics? What were your iterations, or your incremental improvements this year that is so near to being over, is the question?

What were your Wins, and what do you count among your Losses? What does that look like? There were many Wins for me this year:

I put out the Book, I got the Master’s degree, I finished numerous courses, and became a Certified Strategic Intervention Coach this year, trained by Tony Robbins. I attended numerous conferences around the wold this year – adding to my professional experience, knowledge, and skill set. I started my Doctorate, my website was created, different businesses were incorporated, and we enjoyed helping scores of clients reach a higher Level of Performance this year.

Now, what were the Losses suffered this year:

My Mother passed away this year. That was the most tremendous loss I can say that I have ever suffered, and it came toward the end of this year. In the midst of all of my victories my Mother and I were fighting very hard to save her life, and we lost. That hit me the hardest. It was an experience that I will never forget. If you were there for me in any way, shape, or form, Thank You, and if not .. just cherish your loved ones, and spend as much time with them as possible. That’s what I learned.

I also invested money and time in some endeavors that didn’t quite pan out this year. I number those among losses. I learned valuable lessons which are priceless – but ultimately I lost. The Sunken Costs. A Sunken Cost is money, time, or effort put into a losing endeavor that you will never recover. In that instance it is only a question of how fast you can get out, and at what expense. I also lost people, my Mother is not the only one. We buried some good people this year. I learn, as I move up and move forward, that the further I press forward – the more I leave behind. Everyone cannot accompany you, they were not all meant to.

I lose contact with more people the closer I get to accomplishing some of my goals, because we do not share the same vision, and frankly, they are not supportive of my goals and efforts. I share this with you, because you are going to experience the same things, and the difference is going to be made in how you handle such happenings. We don’t want to lose people, it is never easy, but we would rather suffer the loss of people who do not support us, than we would to suffer the loss of accomplishing our goals and dreams, and fulfilling major purpose in our lives, wouldn’t we?

So again I ask you – What are your Wins this years, and what were your Losses? Take a piece of paper and fold it in half. On the left side write WINS at the top in all caps and underline it. On the right side write LOSSESon top in Caps and underline it. Under the Wins side I want you to dig deep, and think, and list, all of your wins, your continued life, your subscription, your friends, your trips, your relationships, etc. On the other side I want you to think long, and list your Losses, your taxes, those you lost, and things you lost, and lost track of. When you’re done – evaluate. Question – What’s The Score?

I hope that the left side of your list is longer than the right side, and I sincerely hope you learned some things about your values and principles, through examining your feelings through this exercise. What was hard for you to put down, and what did you almost forget? What did you laugh about, and what made a tear appear in the corner of your eye, or cause your throat to catch? Either way, if you are reading this this morning YOU ARE HERE! YOU WON! And just that is enough! Congratulations again, and let’s promise each other and ourselves to make the left side of the list longer than the right side this time next year!