OK Ixia , so we want to lose weight. That’s a pretty common desire, but how do you go about accomplishing you task? I now that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing, over and over again, and to expect different results. So let’s state the obvious. If you didn’t lose weight yesterday, you must do some things today that you did not do yesterday, right? Of course, that’s right. To help you, I have complied a list of things that you can do today, to see results tomorrow. Now, if you really want to see loss, the trick is to continue to implement these strategies into your daily routine. Switch them around a bit. The first one you definitely will not want to do every single day, although two to three times out of the week will dramatically help you to reach your weight loss objectives. So without further ado, here are:

  The Top Ten Ways to Lose Weight Today!

  • Do Not Eat –

Yes, you read that correctly. In order to lose weight today, take a break from eating. See, the key to losing weight is to create a calorie deficit. You want to consume less calories than you burn. So, if you fast today, you will have a total calorie intake of 0. If you do not do anything else, workout, take a walk, do yoga, etc. You will still burn more calories than you consume, if you simply do not eat – Today, of course.

  •  Drink Water –

Water is a motivator, it moves liquid out of your body. Water has a calorie content of 0.  Water also makes you feel fuller than any other drink you can think of and as a result you will find yourself less inclined to snack or eat bigger meals.

Check the carb count on your favorite ‘soft‘ drink. They should call it a ‘hard’ drink, because the amount of calories and carbs contained in that so called ‘soft‘ drink has a ‘hard’ impact on your overall health, and weight loss goals. Fruit juices sometimes have even more carbs and calories in them than soda.

So if you want to lose weight – Today – replace all of your liquid intake with water. If you want an extra added powerful weight loss punch to your water, squeeze a lemon into it.

  • Take a Walk –

Yes, let’s get those limbs moving. I know in this society it, for some reason, makes since to take your car from the door of your house to the mailbox. Many people’s walking time only exists from their front door to the car door.

No membership is required for the gym of the great outdoors. Get a bottle of water and drive to your local park…and then what? Get out of your car and take a walk! Walking employs all of your limbs and is great cardio.

Start slowly at first at a leisurely pace and then walk a little fast, then slow down. This done repetitively will provide you with the benefits of interval training.  Do this for 60 minutes and you will have lost weight –Today!

  • Breathe Deep –

Ah, yes, let’s get into it. Breathing deeply increases not only circulation but also the temperature of your body. Think of those Chinese movies when the Master would be sitting in a circle of dry ground in the middle of a snowstorm.

Well, this may not be that extreme, but when you breathe deep the temperature of your body will increase. Deep breathers do not experience the extreme cold that others do. Nor do they accumulate all of the fatty deposits in the midsection, because that is where they breathe from, not the top of the lungs, so their oxygen reaches deep into the regions where fat is stored and it melts this fat away.

So I want you to begin to breath deeply. Just feel your midsection expand, beyond your diaphragm (that’s the little knob you feel at the top of your rib cage). Remember how your baby’s belly used to move when they were asleep, that is how our bellies should move, but we lose this natural aptitude to do the best thing as we grow up. We become shallow breathers and only our chest moves with our breaths.

I want you to get in contact with your inner child, and breathe so deep that your belly goes out with each breath you  take in, and then make your belly go in when you exhale, that is done by extremely pushing the oxygen out. One of the best ways to do this is a technique you learn when properly taught how to meditate – it is actually called Fire Breathing.

Inhale – deep, hold it for a count of four, now exhale – strong, hold that for a count of four. Do this repetitiously. Continue this for any substantial amount of time, and it will make you sweat – a lot. Guess what? When you sweat that’s your body signaling that the coal in the furnace is burning. What is your body’s coal? Fuel, carbs, or as we commonly call it FAT! Let’s lose it Today!!

  • Stretch –

Now, here we go. Stretching your body lets it know that you are aware of it. Pay your body some attention – really though. Tell it what you want, and then show it what you want. Trust me, the body is a fast learner that is led by the mind.

So, show it what you want. You want freedom, you want control. Act like it. Act like you appreciate this body that you have been neglecting and abusing so long, by stuffing it will de-natured foods and dead waste material (manufactured and processed artificial flavorings, colors and fillers) passed off as food products. Pay your body some Me Time.

Stretch your arms out in back of you – hold, stretch your back – hold, stretch your legs – hold. You know what is going to happen if you do this for any amount of time? That’s right, you’re so smart, you’re going to begin to perspire. You know what that means? Of course you do, it means that you are burning calories!!

When you are sweating you are removing that which was in you, out of you. When you wipe it off, it is gone. Nothing is quite as heavy or hard to move as water weight, remember it can be the hardest substance known. It can also be evaporated though, so do not freeze it in stillness and inactivity, put a little fire to it. Stretch and be free, stretch and lose weight – Today!!

  • Dance –

I know this may make some of you laugh (we’ll get to that later), but think about dancers, they very rarely are very heavy aren’t they? Yes, and do you know why? Because they move, they are fluid, they have flexibility, dexterity, control of their bodies, balance, and other things that an overweight sedentary person just does not have.

Dancers possess a physical awareness. They are tight, they are toned, they are ready to spring into action, if someone plays some music. They are light on their feet, they have healthy hearts. I can go on and on about the virtues of dancing. It is a form of ‘movement’, and therein lies the key.

I need you to move, your heart needs you to move, the perfectly sculpted person inside of you is begging you to move, shake, cut loose some of that extra baggage that you have accumulated. Do you know what happens physiologically when you dance? Your heart beat accelerates, you begin to breathe deeply, you begin to stretch your limbs…and you sweat!

This is what we want, this is what we need, that sought after calorie deficit, the energy expenditure. Shake a leg, and get out there on the dance floor. Dancing also stimulates the hormonal response of Dopamine release in your brain, so you also get happy, and become less depressed.

The more you do it, the more you want to do it. The hardest part of losing weight or any task is the first part – getting started. So put it off no more, turn the music up and get your body moving. It will show you it’s appreciation – Today!

  • Sit Still –

I know this sounds contradictory to the last few things I’ve said about moving, but listen. If you move, move with purpose, and a determined idea to shed weight will have you moving in the right direction. Just aimlessly, frantically moving is called anxiety, and would you like to know what accompanies anxiety?

Smoking, drinking, and always having something on your mind, in your hand, or in your mouth. So at those times when we are not moving with a purpose, let us just be still. Just sit. Still. Still the mind. A peaceful mind does not have a body attached to it that is constantly in need of a snack, sugar namely, to keep it going. Invest in some alone time, some contemplation time, and some meditation time.

Meditation is medication for the soul.

Twenty minutes of meditation time in the morning will leave you feeling nourished and full and you will not need that morning bagel, with the extra butter, jelly and cream cheese. Another twenty minutes of meditation in the evening will leave you feeling renewed and relieved and you will not seek out that dastardly bowl of ice cream, tub of popcorn, or whatever your late night sin may consist of. Just stop it…just stop…just breathe…just sit…still. Today!

  • Visualize It –

I know this may be hard for some to grasp, but I still continue to bathe you in the concept of the Fry Weight-Mind State. For you to achieve it, you must first believe it. For you to be it, first you must be able to see it. So, I implore you, visualize it.

See yourself at your ideal weight, whatever that looks like for you. Now concentrate on it, how it looks, feels, smells, and tastes. Why you want to do it, what your reward will be, maybe fitting into that prom dress again, for no one but you. Maybe to get revenge on a ex, who thought themselves better than you, maybe to show off a little, have a little fun, let your hair down…dress up.

See, it doesn’t matter what you want to do, it’s the WHY that matters. The WHY is what’s going to drive you to go to the gym, not to eat, to choose the right foods to eat, to take a walk, to jog, to run, to cut carbs, to do cardio…it’s the WHY!! Locate your Why, tune into it, and visualize it!

What do you look like when you hit your target weight? What does it look like for others? How do they respond to you? I’m not asking you to talk to yourself or be crazy, I’m asking you to paint yourself a mental portrait, and stare at it. Stare at the color contrast, creating a work of art is no easy process.

Initially,  DaVinci had to see the Mona Lisa in his mind before she could come out of his imagination through his hand and onto the canvas. This is the same process that you will have to go through to bring yourself, your IDEAL self, out of obscurity. You must first see it, you must first visualize itToday!!

  • Sleep Well –

A good night’s sleep is key for this thing to work. When you sleep your body recuperates. This is the time when you breathe your deepest as well. When you breathe deep, remember, your body begins to heat up. There is what we call an RMR, this is the Resting Metabolism Rate, which means the rate at which your body burns fuel for energy. Even when asleep.

The body is such a beautiful mechanism, we just have to treat it right. It has been found that light sleepers, considered those who sleep six hours or less have a heavier body mass index than those who sleep eight or nine hours at night. What the MDs say is, “higher perceived stress may erode sleep. Stress and being less rested may cause these individuals to be less organized than normal-weight individuals, meaning they would have to make more trips and take more steps to accomplish the same tasks. This might add to their stress and encourage other unhealthy behaviors, like stress eating” (WebMD, 2009).

Also, if you incorporate what you’ve learned here today, you will definitely be ready for a good night’s rest. So get your Z’s, and incorporate these other weight loss techniques to get the results that you want, so you can start to lose weight – Today!

  • Laugh –

I know this may sound funny (Lol), but the new research published by the International Journal of Obesity states that laughter really is the best medicine for weight loss. Laughter increases both your heart rate and your caloric expenditure by 20 percent! So laugh heartily, knowing that you will be laughing all the way to the bank, and making a heavy deposit – Today!

In Conclusion

There it is. The top ten ways to lose weight today. This is in tandem to the emails that you receive from me, and the instructions included in your specific Wellness Coaching program. Now don’t go trying to use all of this knowledge at once, as it is likely to overwhelm you and leave you burnt out, or feeling discouraged. Remember the race is not to the swift, but to he/she who can endure.

So endure, there will be bumps, there will be slips, that is all to remind you of your task. It is alright to slip, it is not alright, however, to stay down. So get back up and give it another go. Practice makes perfect and nothing worth having, is easy to get anyway. If it was everybody would have some!