This is what I refer to as the Fry-Weight Mind-State. This is a ‘no nonsense’ way of perceiving your task in the days, weeks, and months ahead. You have to see this as a mission that ONLY you can accomplish.This is not a buddy-buddy system. I hate to break it to you but buddies cannot be trusted. They have a wife/girlfriend, a husband/boyfriend, they have children, and even their job is going to be more important to them than yourself and your goals.


For instance, let’s say that you and your ‘work-out partner’ said you’re going to work-out on Saturdays, and then your ‘partner’ gets informed on Friday that there is an opportunity to work at their job, 3 Saturdays in a row, at double time and a half pay rate. Are they going to be worried about you and your goals and their commitment to you? Of course not, can you take it personal? If you so choose.


This is why it is important to cut yourself off from the distractions. “In ancient times, invaders would sail to foreign shores, their goal to conquer, plunder and pillage. They would decide upon a destination, prepare themselves for battle and then set sail. As soon as they landed on the alien shore, they would make their commitment irrevocable by setting their boats on fire and destroying them (Seymour, 1999). (Hence the expression, “to burn your boats”) By doing so, they made the Ultimate Decision. Now, there would be no going back or staying put. From there on in, it was do or die, victory or defeat.


This is your Ancient Time, the gym is your foreign shore, your goal is to conquer, plunder and pillage excess body weight and make it regretful that it chose to set up stakes around your waist. This is the Fry-Weight Mind-State, no one else may be involved, it is utterly personal and a secret unto one’s self. Others can be informed, as in the case when an young adult tells their mother that they are leaving home. They can be informed, but not involved, i.e. given the power to advance or hinder the operation at hand. This operation must be mercilessly independent. You must set your destination, arrive at you start date, and proceed to ‘burn your boats!’


Seymour, R. (1999) Maximize Your Potential. Wrightbooks Pty Ltd.