The Fasting Mimicking Diet


The Fasting Mimicking Diet(FMD), is a diet plan that was developedquestion-mark by Valter D. Longo, a professor at the USC Davis School of Gerontology. His research has found that many people cannot withstand the demands of a strict water only fast, and so he has developed a line of food supplements that will mimic the physiological effect of fasting, hence The Fasting Mimicking Diet.

When a person fasts their body goes from a glycolysis state of burning carbohydrates for fuel, into a Ketone state, or Ketogenic state, wherein the body no longer relies on glycogen, but runs on the burning of Ketone bodies.



The diet is basically broken down like this. For 5 days a month, the dieter would eat less food than normal. The other 25 days of the overweight-womanmonth, the dieter could eat whatever they want to (usually 1800-2500 calories).

On day one of the Fasting Mimicking Diet, the intake would be dropped to about 1,090 calories. 10% of this would be protein, 56% healthy fats, and 34% carbs. This would be a precipitor for the next 4 days. Days 2-5, the diet would consist of about 750 calories composed of 9% protein, 44%healthy fats, and 47% carbs.

The Proof That it Works


During a research study funded by The National Institute on Aging, and published by Cell Metabolism, 19 people went through the testing to see if this, in fact, does work. Participants underwent study for 3 months, intermittently fasting under the precepts of these numbers.

They were found to have lost fat in proportion to lean muscle mass, reduced the aging process, and vastly cut their free-woman-open-arms-to-sunrisechances of catching cancer, as well as diabetes, and cardio-vascular disease.

It has been proven that fasting with water only for 2-4 days can reboot the human immune system. This is due to the eradication of damaged cells and formation of new cells.

Knowing the infirmities of some, and other’s inability to develop the discipline required to commit to a water only fast, Valter has revolutionized his findings. By way of coming into the supplement foray with a line of products that will count the calories for you, while providing the same effects of fasting, thus removing the guesswork and the hardships.

Enter The Mouse


Valter’s first research was done on mice, and following the testing white-mouseperiod, the mice subjects were found to have a higher stem cell count than the mice who had not been given the Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Additional benefits were, loss of fat in proportion to lean body mass. The mice were said to have experienced faster regeneration of bone mineral, as well as muscle, liver, brain and immune cells. They were recorded as having better memory and learning capacity, as well as a lower incidence of cancer and inflammatory disease.

Valter recommends that diabetic patients should not try the Fasting Mimicking Diet. FMD is based on a low protein,  high healthy fat intake with moderate carbohydrates. As stated this is to be done for 5 days out of the month only, after which time the participant can return to their normal way of eating.While still reaping the health and fat loss benefits of fasting.

Longo purports that cancer can actually be starved through this healthy-lifeprocess and the harmful effects of chemotherapy negated. He states that it ‘turns back the hands of time’, by the rejuvenating effects of stem cell regeneration.

He recommends for healthy people that it be done every 5-6 months, but states that the obese and for those with elevated risk factors it could be done as much as every two weeks. The hormone IGF-1 which is linked to aging, and cancer, is significantly cut down as a side effect to weight loss on this diet plan.

In Summary


Twice monthly regimens of the Fasting Mimicking Diet started at middle age added length to life, lowered visceral fat, reduced cancer incidence and skin lesions in the mice, it also rejuvenated the immune system, and retarded bone mineral density loss.

In old mice, it promoted hippocampal neurogenesis (memory cell regeneration), heart-lowered IGF-1 levels and PKA activity, and improved cognitive performance. It also decreased risk factors/biomarkers for aging, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer susceptibility without major adverse effects, providing support for the use of FMDs to promote health span.

Fasting Works!


Basically, all of this is to say that fasting works! The Fasting Mimicking Diet may work more than most forms of fasting, in many more areas than weight loss alone, but who will not enjoy that effect? Wow! You came to lose weight and may have added years, and quality years at that, to your life. If that’s not a WIN-WIN, I don’t rightly know what is!

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