The Ketosis Diet Experience


What is the Ketosis Diet Experience?

If you have been into the diet mind state for any amount of time, or if you are into measure-upcompeting, bodybuilding, modeling or any other profession where you have to look a certain kind of way (healthy hopefully), in a certain amount of time, you have probably heard of the Ketosis diet experience.

Many ask, what does a Ketosis diet plan menu look like?  What are the foods for Ketosis, and what is a free Ketosis diet plan? Well don’t worry when you are done reading you will have a lot more information on the subject.


The Ketosis State


The Ketosis state is a metabolic state, implying higher than normal levels of ketone bodies in the blood. Lipid energy metabolism is intact when in what is called a Ketogenic state. At this point in order for your body to perform the normal everyday functions it will break down your body fat as the main fuel source.


What Does This Mean?


The unbelievable benefits from obtaining the Ketogenic metabolic state is thousandfold.

Principle 1 – The highest ranking reason for reaching for the state of ketosis is the bodies amplified ability to burn off scores of fat for fueling purposes. Thus, optimizing ketogenic fat loss which does not take place on a carbohydrate rich diet, as we all sadly know.

When consuming high levels of carbohydrates, this is the energy source expended and expected, so fat loss is minimal at best and dig-inthen replenished when you sit down after a workout and carb load. However, when in ketosis the fat reserves will evaporate to provide the body with the energy in needs to make it through the day.

Principle 2 – The body would actually much rather work with ketones as opposed to glucose. What this means for the normal reader is that protein intake will not become sacrificed for fuel – as long as you are consuming enough of it – which has been scientifically quantified as 0.7 grams per pound of body weight per day.

Due to the high amount of body fat, just ripe for the torching (whichabs is our aim!), the body will not oxidize protein to produce energy through what we call gluconeogenisis. Meaning that we will retain lean muscle mass. Yet another of our aims!

Principle 3 –  A byproduct of the ketogenic diet is that, along with sufficient protein intake, ketones will act to suppress appetite, remember Less Is More! While a diet that is high in carbohydrates will do the exact opposite.

This is why we want to consume a lot of healthy fat, which is the staple of any real ketogenic diet plan menu. On this restricted calorie/ calorie deficient diet, you must not suffer with hunger.

Tell Me More


During the conversion to fuel, from fatty acids, the ketone body (KB) is formed. The liver oxidizes some fatty acids for energy production. Substrate acetoacetate can be partially oxidized, before conversion into beta-hydroxybutyric acid.

These are all ketone bodies. The brain, muscles and all tissues that contain mitochondria can benefit from ketones.

But What Are The Dangers?


First let me state that I love being in the ketosis state myself, and I believe that the positives far outweigh any negatives. With that being said, as with any diet or physical exercise program, you will want to consult with your doctor before engaging. Now…

Con 1- There is a metabolic shift the first few days of a ketogenic diet. For these few days fatigue, brain fog, and sometimes even dehydration can be experienced by the dieter due to the water loss associated with diuresis and glycogen store depletion which is ketoic induced.

However, with ketones established as the main energy source there energizing drinkis more energy than the body is normally used to, also you will no longer find yourself sluggish and lethargic following eating, as your prior diet of high carb meals in the past would have you. Hydration maintenance is a necessary regimen at all times and especially when engaging in physical exertion of any kind.

Con 2- People propose concern about the Blood Lipid Profile associated with a ketogenic diet, but this is only the case when one goes out of control on the saturated fats. Any healthy diet, especially ketogenic, should be just that – healthy, and as such, unsaturated fats should be the only option.

If you do not know the difference between the two, have no worries, as that will be explained to you fully in the actual Free Ketogenic Diet Plan Menu – Less Is More.

Con 3- This is also a worry of the nay-sayers, that micro-nutrient deficiency will occur as a result of carbohydrate restrictive diets, optimally less than 50 grams per day. However, we are all supposed to be big boys and girls and responsibly taking our superior qualityspoon-full-of-vitamins vitamins this late in the day, are we not? Yes, we are, and if you are not, please begin, ketogenic diet or no ketogenic diet.

Con 4- This is not, I repeat, not, a diet for the diabetic. When ketones in the blood rise ketoacidosis occurs, which is prime for evaporating fat, yet at the same time it is a diabetic red zone. The pH levels of the blood drops creating a high acidic environment ripe for seeking out and destroying fat cells.

However, non-diabetics can feel safe at home as the control and correct implementation of the diet and monitored production of ketone bodies will keep the blood pH optimal.

What is Anti-Catabolic?


Most diets cause you to lose at least some muscle mass, being that they are calorie restricted. This means that they are Catabolic. The body relies on your protein and other tissue, i.e. muscle, as you are consuming less energy in the form of carbohydrates.

Also some dieters add in performing excessive amounts of cardio which causes further muscle depletion. Don’t forget gluconeogenisis – when the brain enlists protein to sacrifice itself for the purpose of creating more energy rich glucose. Ketosis does the opposite, it is the Anti-Catabolic




The brain actually prefers ketones to glucose, this is the Ketosis Key! The body will thrive on ketones, and will not prefer to breakdown protein to replenish energy stores.

As a result of this, the body will call on it’s fat reserves from your thighs, backside, lovehandles  and your gut to fuel its energy. This is the science behind low carb dieting.


I’m Convinced….So How Do I Begin?


There are two prime ways of inducing the metabolic state of ketosis. The first and best way is, hands down, the Three Day Fast. During this fast nothing is to be consumed besides water…for three days.

You may want to do this on an extended weekend and take a break from working out during this time, so you do not explode on someone during your day at the office or when you leave from the gym.

The next way is by consuming excess amounts of high fat products with smaller protein meal components over a three week period. Once the ketosis state is achieved you can begin to increase your protein content while reducing your fat intake slightly.

If done this way it will take up to three weeks to do what you can do in three days if you choose to fast. I always fast, and recommend you to fast as well as it is the fastest way to achieve ketosis, but I also recommend the fast for the spiritual experience as well as the health benefits which have been documented since the beginning of time.

ketosis diet plan

On the next page you will find what I know you have been waiting for…the free Ketosis Diet Plan Menu, which I have named the

Less Is More Diet. 



I am interested to know what you think of this metabolic state of ketosis for fat loss, so please if you have any experiences of dieting to reach ketosis , leave a comment on the first page, so that we can discuss this and others can learn from  and add to the dialogue. Until next time….   Less Is More!

Written by: Shawn