If You Swear by Your Pepsi, You’ll Cry by The Pool

Let’s face it, there is no secret pill that is going to give you what you want. I know this is 2019, and everyone can get what they want by ordering it online, except health, a good shape, and longevity. Well, maybe you can purchase a good shape if you seek out the Kardashian’s plastic surgeon, but for the rest of women who do not have that kind of money, this tightening and toning cannot be purchased. There are supplements that can be taken to enhance your efforts, but this is what it boils down to: Your Efforts.

No one is fond of loose skin and cellulite, and likewise everyone wants to tone muscle and tighten skin. Especially following weight loss or childbirth. Well, with just a little effort this can be done. Relatively easy too, as long as you are healthy enough to start and have 30 minutes to an hour daily, you can be on your way to a brand new you. Let me give you an industry secret that no one wants you to know. Ideal weight achievement, looking sexy, stunning appearance and good health are all 10% gym work and 90% diet work. Yes, it is true, abs really are made in the kitchen.

So, yes, Zumba is good, and Yoga is good. Cycling is good, elliptical is fine, H.I.I.T. is fantastic, but if you are not eating right, the gains that you would see from all of the above mentioned will never make it to your mirror.

If you want a tight butt, toned arms, succulent thighs, I’m speaking to the woman in yoiu, OK? You’re going to have to make some sacrifices and forego the junk food. Simple and plain. You can’t expect to eat carbs in the morning, a carbs at lunch and carbs at dinner and expect to resemble a sleek fox or lamb at night. It just won’t work. Cardio will lower your blood pressure and increase your heart rate, if you want it to work sufficiently however, your diet must support this regimen. Fruit turns into sugar which turns into fat so beware. Carbs like rice and potatoes break down into sugar which break down into fat so beware, the same goes for bread.

If you want to be ‘fluffy’ that’s fine, but if you wish to be toned and tight, you’ll have to make some knowledge based consumption adjustments. I’m not saying that you have to eat unseasoned chicken breast three times a day, I’m just saying moderation. More carbohydrates from vegetable sources and lean meat choices, no marbled cuts or fried fatty foods. They will erase your workouts instantaneously. More water, less soda comes to mind. I know women swear by their Pepsi, but they cry by their pool, because they are uncomfortable. A few tweaks can change everything, so let’s get motivated!