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  1. New Year, New You

    SAY HELLO!! New Year, New You! I  Said "New Year - NEW YOU!" We're going to hear a lot of goal talking for the first few weeks and maybe even a couple of months for those more dedicated than others. We are going to hear more goal talking than we are going to see Goal Walking! It hasn't been tw…Read More

  2. The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

      Consistency is key and Application is KING! This can be the most 'Wonderful Time of the Year', or the most saddening time, dependent upon how we've spent the previous 12 months. If all we did was drift, it's not going to be that great. If we applied ourselves to what we know, if we were encoura…Read More

  3. As We Proceed

      I don't know if you saw the movie Split with the guy from The X-Men. He's not the point, the point is the scene towards the end of the movie. When the last victim was about to get killed, and he saw the scars on her back. When he saw the scars on her back, he saw that she had been through someth…Read More

  4. Unlock Your Success By Understanding Human Needs

    Consistency is key and Application is KING! I want you to think of why you subscribed to this newsletter in the first place. Think back. You wanted to change something. You wanted to becomes something, or someone, that you were not yet. What was it? Did you want to earn more money? Revolutionize …Read More


    There are those of you who are on your way to work, already at work, those who have spent the entire night deep in study, and trust me, I know that's not easy. So let me start off by acknowledging you. Wherever you are; at whatever stage you find yourself, rest assured I am writing this, this mornin…Read More

  6. Success Is Like Beauty

    I wanted to deep dive into this concept of success for a moment or two to begin with. You see, a lot people do not believe that they are successful because they are measuring their potential success by someone else's standards and definition of what success really looks like. A Mother's definition o…Read More