1. Communication is Queen

    I want to take a moment this morning to reflect with you on the importance of correct communication. The reason I have to spend some time with this topic is because I often get reports from people that their relationship is suffering. That things are not the way that they used to be, and they are th…Read More


    There are those of you who are on your way to work, already at work, those who have spent the entire night deep in study, and trust me, I know that's not easy. So let me start off by acknowledging you. Wherever you are; at whatever stage you find yourself, rest assured I am writing this, this mornin…Read More

  3. Success Is Like Beauty

    I wanted to deep dive into this concept of success for a moment or two to begin with. You see, a lot people do not believe that they are successful because they are measuring their potential success by someone else's standards and definition of what success really looks like. A Mother's definition o…Read More

  4. Who Can Benefit

    I know when we see some people we are swift to pass judgement, and believe that there is no redemption possible. We see people who are alcoholics, in the throes of drug addiction, victims of domestic violence, and/or seemingly caught in self-perpetuated unbreakable cycles. What we know as coaches is…Read More

  5. How do I rekindle my passion?

    Relationships are an interesting issue. Besides being a must have for people, they are an inextricably complex set of competing values and purposes. Some people, mostly men, who consider themselves Alphas, have an issue with a strong minded woman. Some people, mostly women, have issues with a man wh…Read More

  6. Mind your business

    Let me start off by acknowledging that everyone does not want to own their own business. I get that, but the purpose of this post is not only to encourage entrepreneurship, but to enable it. What I do is empower people with knowledge, as it is information that changes situations. So, if you never th…Read More

  7. 90% Mental – 10% Physical

    THE MENTAL ASPECT The mental aspect of losing weight, tightening and toning whatever part of your body that you so choose, is the most important aspect. So many people have tried to accomplish something that they set out to do, with success at first, only to shortly turn back. This is what we call r…Read More

  8. Mind State

    Mind State of the Greats So what is it about the Mind State? I think a better question is, what is not about the Mind-State? See, friends, the Mind-State is the most prized possession that a man or woman can possibly have, and the greatest asset when setting out to accomplish anything. You simply …Read More

  9. Don’t Worry, It Gets Easier.

      We all know how hard something can be when you first start. Especially if you've never traveled down this path before. So it is easy to get frustrated, discouraged, and turn back. It is also just as easy to re-frame your view a bit and see this new challenge as an exciting step away from the old …Read More