TRX New Year, New Gear!

This is your introduction to TRX the fantastical new body-weight, core, strength-developing system that has taken the fitness world by storm. This is your one stop shop for info, promo, numero uno! Don’t get tricked into buying exercise bands from knock off brands that deviate from the purpose, formula, or materials, or just like your equipment, your performance, your results, and the way you feel is going to be Half-A&$! If you’re looking for the real deal that produces the real steel = abs, core, strength & flexibility, then look no further…and


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Venus Index Factor


Venus Index Factor is the #1 Best Selling Female Fat/Weight Loss Program in existence today! This is a complete Community Platform in which women are supported by one another, and guided by supplement guru John Barban, to help you lose weight fast! Nutrition, exercise (with personal trainer), and supplementation. Backed by a satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose but the pounds, when you CLICK HERE NOW!

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Athos Smart Sportswear


Athos is the innovative Smart Sportswear that is the cutting edge leader in scientific athletic apparel that connects to your smart phone, and reports your accurate amount of effort and exertion. No longer do you just have to wait to see results from weight loss exercises that everyone says work. Now you can see the results and lose belly fat in real time! To go see the video demonstration CLICK HERE NOW!

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Adonis Golden Ratio System


The Adonis Golden Ratio System specifically tailored for men by John Barban. Who, if you do not know, is the founder of the Venus Index/Venus Factor for women, who just also happens to be the go-to guy for all the biggest name brand supplement companies when they need advice. They have interviewed countless scores of women in order to find out the Perfect Body Formula, as seen in Men’s Health Magazine, and they have been successful making them happy. You know what the verdict is? Symmetrical. CLICK HERE to Purchase Yours NOW!

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Allow me to introduce you to the revolutionary new HEALBE GOBE Health centered Calorie Counter that measures the level of glucose in you cells. Everybody knows that calorie counting is the only sure scientific way to ensure that your diet is working, your snack didn’t just throw you off track, and how much more you can eat before you hit your caloric ceiling. The HEALBE GOBE measures your energy balance, by providing numbers to your caloric intake, calories burned, hydration levels, heart rate, and stress levels, SO you can just GO + BE…CLICK HERE NOW!

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Take your vitamins! No, really a vital and key component to weight loss is vitamin and mineral supplementation. You are going to want to take your vitamins. If you’re working out and dieting in search of sustainable healthy weight loss, you are going to need to take vitamins. If not you’re just hurting yourself. To get the vitamins you need at 70% off  – CLICK HERE NOW!

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Use Essential Oils


I know right now you’re probably thinking, what does Essential Oils have to do with weight loss? Suppression of cravings, detoxification, metabolism enhancement, fluid retention reduction and emotional stress alleviation are just a few mediums through which the essential oils can aid weight loss. To get started today, on your way to losing weight with no diet, no workout, CLICK HERE NOW!

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If you want to lose weight, you need to get inspired, and you’re going to need to get motivated, seriously guys (and girls). It is not going to be the easiest thing you ever did, nor will it be the hardest. But just like any other routine, it is easy to get complacent. You’re going to have to stay the course to get the results that you want to see. For this I recommend a mentor, in the form of Eric Thomas, one of the Greatest Motivational Speakers of our time!! Go get you some – CLICK HERE NOW!!

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Get Your Supplements Here!


Get your supplements at Tiger Fitness as they have the very best deals when it comes to the area of nutritional supplementation. This is the store where I make my supplement purchases, the packages come on time or before, and best of all, the mailman gets to lug all those heavy boxes to my door, so I can preserve my strength for the workout.  You will find every brand name of supplement and some that you don’t. As soon as they are on the market and vetted for quality control, they will be at Tiger Fitness at a fraction of the cost. To make a Purchase Click Here Now!

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